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PAWEA Webinar: The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Watch on demand the webinar on the fight against breast cancer, the current challenges and the impact of covid in the screening and treatment of the disease.

Learn from two guest speakers, Dr. Fátima Cardoso from Portugal and Dr. John Williams from the United States. Dr. Fatima Cardoso is a Medical Oncologist. She is the director of the Breast Unit at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre and she is President of the ABC Global Alliance, a non-profit association in Portugal, is a multi-stakeholder platform for all those interested in collaborating on common projects relating to advanced breast cancer around the world. Dr. John Williams is a breast surgeon and expert on malignant and benign diseases of the breast.

In 2019, he received a presidential appointment to be chairman of the President’s Cancer Panel at the National Institute of Health. And in 2008, Dr. Williams founded the Novant UVA Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Conference to enhance the “Team Approach” of breast specialists working together to treat this disease.

PAWEA Webinar: The Fight Against Breast Cancer

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Apr 23

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