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OWIT South Florida Newsletter June 2018 - Featuring Carolina Rendeiro

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

From the desk of OWIT South Florida:

OWIT South Florida is very excited to add Carolina Rendeiro and Carmen Gonzalez-Sanfeliu to its Board of Directors! Carolina Rendeiro joins us as the board's Executive Vice President. She is a strong proponent of community involvement and of the importance of creating synergy between businesses and their communities.  She has merged her passion for Community and entrepreneurship in her new role as Chief Marketing/Development Officer of Connect2Global.   Her previous positions most recently as President of the World Strategic Forum for 2 years and prior to that as VP of International Development for eMerge Americas, has solidified her taking on the new position, in connecting not only startups but SME’s looking to do business with the EU/Latam/USA. Carolina a high-energy professional with a strong expertise in international development, with a special focus on international marketing and business development, with a proven ability to engage with members of the public and private sector, locally, statewide and internationally.  Consistently recognized for contributions in development and marketing efforts, with attention to detail, strong project management skills and developing long-standing professional relationships over her 34-year career. Carmen Gonzalez-Sanfeliu joins us as VP, Strategic Alliances.  Carmen has over 30 years’ experience in the Satellite Telecommunications Industry and is currently responsible for INTELSAT’s activities in Latin America and the Caribbean Region.  As Regional Vice President of the region, she oversees the P&L of the Latin America Operations, a responsibility of over $500m annual revenues.  Carmen leads a sales force with offices located in Miami, Brazil and Mexico.  The customer base extends to broadcasters, carriers, aero, maritime, multinationals and government agencies which require the provision of telecommunications solutions such as broadcast services, broadband Internet, VSAT, corporate networks, cellular & mobile backhaul, Aero and Cruise Mobility. She was instrumental in developing Intelsat’s Latin American sales strategy subsequent to its merger with PanAmSat in 2006.  During this time, she was Vice President for PanAmSat Latin America Operations and oversaw $180m in annual revenues. Very happy to have these ladies as part of our organization! 


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