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Rebuilding International Relationships During the Pandemic

It can be challenging to maintain and find new ways to make international connections in these conditions during the pandemic. With limited traveling, if any, and challenges to conducting business, you have to find creative solutions to ensure that you can connect internationally. Here are some ways that you can rebuild international relationships, even during a pandemic.

Expand Your Online Networking

Luckily with the internet, there are many ways that you can continue to have and rebuild international relationships online. Even with friends, you can use your social media to remain connected and aware of current events. You can do the same with business events and contacts. There are many online networks that you can use that help you make connecting internationally easier than ever.

LinkedIn is a great location to connect professionally, and many people use the site to communicate for their job, business, and even find new work. Once you set up your profile, you can connect, message, and post on your feed to show others what you have been up to and see what they have been doing as well!

Meetup is another great site to connect professionally with individuals in your area or even internationally online. All you have to do is find a group that fits your profession or area of expertise and connect away! Once the pandemic is over, there are sometimes even events locally, but these are mainly for local populations.

Participate in Conferences and Virtual Networking Events

As long as you have a connection to the internet and a great computer video set up, you can easily find ways to participate in conferences and digital networking, even at a distance. One of the best programs that recently found its way to popularity was Zoom.

With Zoom, you can connect and view multiple different screens and talk to people all around the world. Once you create an account and log in with the appropriate code, you can connect and chat with people in your field and at the event.

Reconnect with Your Old Online Contacts

If you are struggling to find new contacts, it might be time to look through your contacts list and see if you have lost touch with anyone. Sending a quick email to people that you once were in contact with is a great way to rebuild your connections, even internationally.

The best way to do this is through personal communication, setting up meetings, and remaining in contact even during the pandemic. While this step might be more tedious than others, you can ensure that it helps you stay connected online and international networking as you wait out the end of lockdowns and other travel restrictions.

There are many ways that you can mitigate the challenges of the pandemic, even if you find yourself at a distance. Internationally, you can use the internet to your advantage. Whether it is LinkedIn, Meetup, or even old contacts or events of interest, there are so many ways that you can find time to connect, rebuild, and communicate with people around the world.


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