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How to Lead Your Work Team Through Adversity

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

In the business world, you will inevitably end up facing adversity at one point or another. There's no need to fear because working through adversity with your work team is not as difficult as it might appear. There are several ways to help mitigate these challenges as you work through the periods of adversity for your company. Through communication and realistic goals, and other means, your work team can make it through just about any challenge you face. There are several guiding tips to help your work team through adversity easily.


Communication is one of the essential aspects of any business. Too often, people can lose contact amid the stress and other challenges that might distract people. To overcome challenges and face adversity properly, communication is a must.

Coming together to discuss vital work challenges can help people work together towards finding solutions. It is essential that even during difficult times, the work team continues to communicate at the same level, if not more. This enhanced communication helps solve problems quickly, makes people aware of how they can help the situation, and helps people prepare for the future in case of a similar problem.

Being Realistic

Being realistic is equally as important as communication is. The worst thing that could happen during a period of adversity for a business is not looking at the facts and beginning to ignore some of the realistic situations they are facing. Unfortunately, some companies still engage in this behavior, promoting the same rate of failure or prolonged periods of struggle.

Being realistic is not harmful, but understanding exactly what situation is occurring and how to handle it. Working together as a work team and understanding the difference between being realistic and cynical is incredibly important. It will be the combination of approaching the facts and being optimistic about the outcome that will help companies overcome any challenge. No matter the problem, companies and work teams should always come realistically to find the best solution.

Connect Regularly

Like communication, connecting regularly can help people overcome particular challenges and keep the work team on task. Connecting regularly also does not have to happen within the company itself. This can be related to any communication with suppliers, partners, clients, and any other individuals that do business with the company. Singing connection and keeping the people who need to know about the challenge aware of what is happening is extremely important.

Connecting my relief and engaging in everyday business is also essential. No matter the challenge, regular interaction should occur as usual. This means that connections to clients, suppliers, manufacturers, and any other individual should still happen as expected and planned. The only way out is through, even with business challenges. This is why communication in tandem with regularly connecting with appropriate individuals is a foolproof way to achieve success even in the face of the biggest challenges.

Set Goals

Setting goals is one of the most significant aspects of any successful work Team. Without goals, where teams and other individuals in the company have no idea what they are working for, their timeline, and why they should be doing something. There is a right and wrong way to set a goal, and it is essential to make sure that your work team sets the right kind of goals.

Setting goals that are attainable, measurable, and desirable is critical to connecting and acting towards that goal. If your goal is not possible, then you will not be motivated to work towards it. If your goal is not measurable, you have no way of knowing how you are doing or are close to succeeding. If your goal is not desirable, you likely will not want to work towards it, and you will feel resentment towards the activities thereof.

Setting goals as a work team and even individually can help people be much quicker on the path to success. Making sure they are attainable and measurable, and desirable is also incredibly important. That way, people will feel motivated to work towards them and achieve success at a much faster rate.


Many people might not think of this, but listening is also significantly crucial during times of adversity. In situations that have involved the word team directly, listening is the only way out to understand precisely what happened and how it can be solved or prevented in the future. Too often, conflicts will arise, and employees or co-workers might end up miss hearing or misunderstanding one another. Usually, it results from not listening, but many people fail to understand that this might be the solution.

When there's been a misunderstanding, take a step back and have your work team listen to one another. This can only help figure out where the situation went wrong and how to work towards the future. In all cases, people should strive to have excellent listening skills, which will likely prevent many different situations from occurring in the future. For your personal and professional life, listening is an essential skill that you can develop to improve your relationships with others.

Working through adversity with your work team is not difficult, but there are several steps that you should follow to be most successful at it. Communicating and being realistic will help you inform your team of what is happening and understand what is happening and what should be done. Connecting regularly is also essential so that business continues as usual and ensures you are productive with your time. Setting goals will help you to maintain your desired outcomes, no matter how far in the future they are.

Finally, listening is one of the essential skills that you should develop within your work team. Not only can it prevent several issues from happening, but it will improve people's relationships with one another exponentially. There are several other methods to overcoming adversity; however, these are the most important. If all of these steps are followed, your work team will be able to work through adversity smoothly and without fault.


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