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How to Know When to Take Your Business International

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

As a business owner, it can be challenging to understand when the best time is to take your business internationally. For many business owners, the decision to go international with your company depends on several different criteria. Your customer base might have grown in the past few years of operation, or perhaps you see an opportunity to capitalize on a particular market in another country. Regardless of the reason, it would help if you considered these challenges or opportunities when deciding whether to go International with your company.

Challenge #1: Cultural Barriers

One of the first challenges you might encounter is a cultural barrier between your company and the home market. To rectify the situation, the easiest solution is to do more research. Do more research on what works in this new market and what has not worked from the domestic market. Not every solution or method you might have used in your domestic market will work in the new market, which is why it's essential to continue to find the best strategy for your new market as an international business.

Challenge #2: Local Competition

As an international business, you might have been popular in your own country and your industry leader. However, when you enter a new market, you have to face local competition you might not if expected. This can disrupt your sales. However, companies can mitigate it quite quickly. Just as with the cultural barrier concerned, you can find local partners and help your company succeed in a new market.

Challenge #3: Compliance and Taxes

One more challenge to note is compliance or other tax issues you might have to face when working internationally. Working in one country allows you to only engage with one tax system, yet working internationally might engage with two different tax systems. You must research and understand the compliance laws and the applicable taxes for your company if you choose to expand internationally.

Opportunity #1: Competitive Advantage

Expanding internationally doesn't just bring challenges but can allow many benefits. One of the best services is a competitive advantage over other companies. The more you grow as your customer base increases, the more advantage you have over their companies. This will continue to promote your success in the future if you strategize accordingly.

Opportunity #2: Diversification

Diversifying your company is one of the best decisions you can make and one of the best benefits of expanding internationally. Instead of remaining a company that only works in one market, you will have the diverse experience in a diverse customer base to allow you more power in specific industries that you operate. This diversification will make you more recognized over time.

Opportunity #3: Foreign Investments

Foreign investments are an excellent opportunity for your business to expand its profitability. With the introduction to a new market, you can access new suppliers and potentially new opportunities to invest in the local market. This will continue to expand your company's reach and also promote more revenue in the future from other sources.

There are many benefits and opportunities to expand internationally, just as there are many challenges. To help mitigate these appropriately, several different companies consult companies seeking to further their companies. Connect 2 Global is committed to assisting companies in strategizing and expanding into new markets. If you seek guidance with your international expansion, Connect 2 Global is the perfect choice to help you into the next chapter of your business.


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