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Come and join our International Women's Day Special: OWIT + PowerTalk from where ever you are on this planet, and be inspired! This event is in collaboration with OWIT International and is open to all at no cost - yes, we meant it when we say ´special´!

We´ll take in all the cost to organize this event, so you can be part of the community on this special day!

We are very excited to host this global event with distinguished guest speakers from Geneva, Zurich, Washington, Paris who will inspire you from within.

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who has her back." We invite you to discover what success means to you and let you lead the life that you want.

So come and take part in this event with an open mind, enjoy being surrounded by determined women and most of all, lets just relax and have some fun!

Its time to celebrate being a woman and an inclusive community!


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